Bradwell on Sea: Village of the damned

If when passing through the toilet bowl that is Latchingdon late at night, you took a wrong turn, got lost but kept on driving for 10 miles on that a road to nowhere, you probably had the misfortune of finding yourself at what seemed to be the edge of the earth, otherwise known as Bradwell Waterside (an annex to the main village of Bradwell on Sea).

You could be forgiven for experiencing an eerie feeling as goosebumps take a hold. It’s believed he place was the inspiration for classic 1960 British horror film ‘Village of the Damned’. You’d understand why when entering any of the 3 pubs (1 in Waterside, the other 2 in the main village). It’s unnerving when walking in to any of these pubs only to realise everybody has stopped talking, only to stare at you instead with that ‘we don’t like strangers ‘round ‘ere! way.

A sign of recent times, people from less fortunate parts of Europe and beyond have been using a number of ports around Southern England to enter the UK. Bradwell Marina, however, is reversing this trend, serving to evacuate locals (community prisoners) to a better life. Places like Southend on Sea or South Woodland Ferrers are seen as havens.

Those left in both villages are pretty much bereft of any real existence that most of the rest of us would recognise as normal. That being said, I was told of a rumour that former members of the Royal Household had taken to Waterside as an ideal refuge due to nobody ever going there. I’m sure that’s what I was told… something about [people who could be identified, therefore redacted] Maybe I got my wires crossed [yes, you did].

They remade ‘Village of the Damned’ in 1995, starring Christopher Reeve but neither version is as scary as the real thing and look what happened to him! Be afraid… very afraid!

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