Southend-on-Sea, the **** of Essex

Southend is surely the worst place to live in England. The town is full of 12 year old ‘roadmen’ (the **** does not exist down here now) who walk up and down town with their weed smoking, drug-dealing older brothers finding the nearest respectable looking person to shout at. As they get older they have to start finding ways to feed their JD and McDonalds addiction and therefore have to start stealing money off their mums in the Kursaal Estate or the Queensway tower blocks.

As soon as they reach about 16 they either end the roadman phase and go and earn money through a proper job or continue down the path of “running that ting” and “making bare p’s” until they end up in a Juvenile Detention centre.

Eventually they end up like every former-****/roadman in Southend ******* around the Warrior Park benches as a smackhead or starting drinking at 7am every morning.

Average roadman attire:
EA7 t-shirt
Stone Island tracksuit
Tommy Hilfiger puffer coat
Nike Air Max 95.

Southend. what a ********.

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