Gillingham – Lively Rubbish Bin of the South East

I’ve only been living in Gillingham for a month but I can affirmatively say this is the worst place I have seen in this country so far.

Having lived in a depressing but peaceful Aberdeen, a wild but colourful Leeds and a picturesque but boring Warwick, I wasn’t expecting much from Medway. This whole area feels like a crammed can full of rotten tuna with its variety of ***** and *********, endless hordes of Romanian immigrants and very rarely decent looking people.

Destroyed roadwork, mind-bogglingly ugly housing and severe lack of police will make sure you are both scared and depressed to walk around the ‘handsome’ town of Gillingham, which is slightly better than Chatham and Strood, and a bit worse than Rochester, but we are not here to discuss various degrees of ****, right?

Wearing at least somewhat decent clothing means all eyes will be on you as it is not common here to dress like a normal person. Local gyms and swimming pools look like they have not been renovated since the 1990s. Bags of rubbish, dirty and crowded streets – you will be struggling hard to find something nice about this area.

You do sometimes see something that gives you a little hope, but it doesn’t last long; any area that contains any level of decency will be highly secured and unavailable for the public eye. Indeed, it seems that very little here is left of the traditional British country. One thing I can say for sure is that only an idiot would move here for long, so if you end up in Gillingham then you better look for ways to escape as soon as possible.

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