Living in Bedford, Bedfordshire

Bedford – billed to be the Garden of Eden, but ended up like Stalinist Russia!

Bedford where the second coming was going to happen. The only coming was the Chav Invasion of the London Pygmies.

Living in luton in Chatham

Luton in Chatham is the festering cesspit of Medway

Luton, in Chatham is filthy dirty & without doubt the worst place in Kent. It's got every breed of muggers, rapists, druggies and thieves.

Living in Luton, Bedfordshire

Why Luton sucks…. a list

Luton is sh*tty, and the sh*ttiest town in the Herts/Beds region.

Living in Luton

Luton – not as bad as it was, but still dicey

I saw about 30 teenagers spilling out of McDonald's, smacking each other in the face. I couldn't tell what was blood and what was ketchup.

Living in or moving to Luton, Bedfordshire

Luton – England’s Toilet

The most shocking moment of my stay in Luton was on Christmas day. My friend pointed out the McDonald's, saying it gets busier every year.