Oakridge, Basingstoke
(418 crimes in May 2022)
North Town, Rushmoor
(403 crimes in May 2022)
Hardway, Gosport
(381 crimes in May 2022)
South View, Basingstoke
(377 crimes in Apr 2022)
Aldershot, Rushmoor
(367 crimes in May 2022)
(349 crimes in May 2022)
Stockheath, Havant
(348 crimes in Apr 2022)
Daneshill, Basingstoke
(344 crimes in May 2022)
Blackwater, Rushmoor
(330 crimes in May 2022)
Fulflood, Winchester
(328 crimes in May 2022)

The Hole that is Fareham

Living in Fareham, Hampshire

Fareham located halfway between the port cities of Southampton and Portsmouth. With the current government insistance of prison overcrowding, a wall around Fareham would be a perfect place for a new super prision. A good motto for Fareham would be ‘We were born here, whats your excuse?’ It’s a town of ugly people who generally […]

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Headley Down

Travel to the deepest darkest corner of Hampshire and this town is what you are greeted with; Headley Down… if the sign hasn’t been mutilated that is. Step out your car, “GET YER **** OUT LOVE” or occasionally the word **** can be replaced by “rat” if you have a particularly bold ****. The most […]

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Cosham, Nr. Portsmouth

Cosham. Situated far too close for comfort to the crumbling council estates of Paulsgrove (of PEDOPHILS OUT (sic) fame) and Wymering (spelt Wyoming by it’s mostly illiterate inhabitants), Cosham is a prime example of what happens to a pleasant suburb of Portsmouth when you surround it with toxic human waste. After my short stint working […]

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Hayling Island

Hayling Island was an idyllic place until Havant Borough Council started using it as a dumping ground for their undesirables. To add insult to injury Havant Borough Council compounded the **** situation on Hayling Island by subsidising a rogue landlord. David Willetts, MP for Havant has expressed grave concerns about the landlord yet the landlord […]

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Emsworth, Hampshire

Emsworth town centre appears on the surface to be a pleasant rather quaint place with attractive buildings, an old quay, nice restaurants etc and by and large it is but at night it becomes a different story. It probably suffers from being situated next to Havant and Leigh Park Weekday nights are fairly uneventful, boy racers […]

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Andover – Isle of ****

Andover is geographically isolated from other towns and the ********** here is of the highest quality. The ***** cannot afford to travel and the next town is a good 20 miles away so is well beyond BMX/scooter distance. This place is worthy of study as the Galapagos islands were to Darwin. A depressing visit to […]

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