Basingstoke’s bad publicity

HampshireSouth East

Well, everyone seems to have something bad to say about basingstoke, especially the popley area. My family have lived in popley for a long time now and i have to say it’s not as bad as some people make out. John Hunt school was where me and my aunts and uncles attended and yes it wasn’t the best school but i hte how people put it down all the time. As for chavs.. yes there are a few and it’s undeniable that they’re not horrible little pieces of crap. But not ALL are. I’m emo/rock/scene/biker whatever you want to call me and i’ve never been beaten up or abused and i’ve lived in popley all my life. So surely it can’t be that bad. The young kids nowdays are terrible, swearing and all, but i dont think my friends and the generation i hang out with are bad at all. So people shouldnt talk crap about something they have no idea about. And also i saw something about us being southern scum. It’s pathetic

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