Hayling Island

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Hayling Island was an idyllic place until Havant Borough Council started using it as a dumping ground for their undesirables.
To add insult to injury Havant Borough Council compounded the **** situation on Hayling Island by subsidising a rogue landlord.

David Willetts, MP for Havant has expressed grave concerns about the landlord yet the landlord still gets away with installing ***** on the east side of the Island in Winsor Close and on the west side of the Island in Norfolk Crescent. The ***** terrorise everyone in between.
Winsor Close, is just a small cul-de-sac on Hayling Island with 23 flats but has had no less than 120 police call-outs during the past twelve months. A very dark close that Havant Borough Council refuse to install street lighting in, or CCTV for that matter is the scene of untold vandalism, break-ins, tyre slashings, death threats and extortion. Last year two cars in a row of six were torched in Winsor Close, the cars were parked just a few feet away from the residents front doors and living rooms, there is no back way out of the flats in Winsor Close. Several cars were later blown up in adjoining car parks to Winsor Close and directly across the road on Southwood Road and other areas of Hayling Island.
Just recently the stairwell that leads to four flats in Winsor Close Hayling Island was firebombed and a pensioner, two mothers and six children nearly lost their lives. Hearsay suggests that upset Havant ***** were seeking revenge on Hayling Island *****. Waterlooville CID has heard exactly the same “hearsay”.

It’s not unusual to see stolen burnt out cars along the “Blue Ribbon” beaches of Hayling Island particularly along the Seafront, which is used as a drag strip by the *****, as is Southwood Road.
Although the very rural northern part of Hayling Island still retains some of its Olde Worlde village charm the southern part of the Island is full of smashed shop windows. Millers Estate Agents, the newly refurbished Co-op, Home Sweet Home, Brilliant Bathrooms, Goldmans, Sandy Point News, Clapps newsagents, Tescos and Premier convenience store on Eastoke Corner, to name just a few. The Premier store window on Eastoke Corner has been boarded up with chipboard for almost two years now; the owner has simply no reason to replace the chipboard with expensive glass only for it to be smashed again by the Hayling Island *****.
Last year a **** went on a two-day spree and slashed the tyres of nearly a hundred vehicles on the Island. Many of the vehicles belonged to visiting caravanners and tourists who have vowed never again to return to Hayling Island.
As for owning one of the famed but expensive beach huts on Hayling Island, please don’t. These are torched on a regular basis and the incidents are just too many to mention here.
If you do decide to venture onto Hayling Island make sure that you are not driving a Ford Fiesta. This particular make and model of car is a particular favourite of the Hayling Island *****. In one week alone they stole and destroyed five such vehicles. Two ended up burnt out on the Seafront.
For further reference Google “Hayling Island rogue landlord” or go to the Hayling forum where all these issues are discussed in as much detail as a public forum allows, or search the archives of The News (Portsmouth).
You may also care to Google District Judge Philip Gillibrand who thinks that 15-year-old Hayling Island ***** have suffered enough and should not be named.

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