Oakridge, Basingstoke
(418 crimes in May 2022)
North Town, Rushmoor
(403 crimes in May 2022)
Stockheath, Havant
(381 crimes in May 2022)
Hardway, Gosport
(381 crimes in May 2022)
Aldershot, Rushmoor
(367 crimes in May 2022)
(349 crimes in May 2022)
South View, Basingstoke
(349 crimes in May 2022)
Daneshill, Basingstoke
(344 crimes in May 2022)
Blackwater, Rushmoor
(330 crimes in May 2022)
Fulflood, Winchester
(328 crimes in May 2022)


The local ***** tend to frequent the town centre on Friday and Saturday nights. Fat Gosport girls (usually fat from having 6 children by 18) shout and ball it there branded sports gear (with shoes, not trainers as they still have to adhere to club dress-codes), and are usually smothered in cheap jewellery from the […]

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Basingstoke has not only the highest concentration of ***** but must also qualify as having the ugliest ***** as well. The new shopping centre is awash with fake burbery and the squeek of cheap white trainers on the fake marble floors. Every other person is a fat teenage mother with three kids of different colours […]

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Always had a reputation for being rough because of the squaddies who live all around the area. Now just packed with *****. Popped in to the Hogshead one evening for a bite to eat and a few beers. Sat there enjoying the food while the glasses started flying around and about 5 people strolled past […]

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This has to be the ********* town in the country. Not only voted the most boring town in the country by a national newspaper. It overrun with ***** and their little *****. **** central is the McDonalds in the Asda where Burberry and Von “I’d like to kick you where it hurts” Dutch is the […]

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The ***** here. as another person pointed out are annoying. But I am guessing he is in his 20’s. ****’s here… are odd, Simply put. Take the school I went to for 4 long dead years, the city of Chavmouth ***** school for boys, They will take the piss out of you for any reason, […]

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i cannot believe nobody has put pompey up on this site i have the joy of being a student in this ***** **** hole, oh happy ******* day. i rented a student house and my car got kicked in…mostly when me and my mate were in it. by 14yr old ******* drinking tinnies of stella […]

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Unfortuately, I’m nominating my own town. It’s by far not the worst infected place by the sub culture that is ****-ism, but I feel I have to add my bit here. Estates such as Thornhill, Lordshill, Totton, Northam, Shirley and Millbrook should all have a mention as they are all important to my story. Basically, […]

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If anyone lives here or has been near it you will know what I am talking about! The Town centre if a breeding ground for lesser life forms! Places of interest included the bus stop, skate park and the Farnborough Gate McDonalds that attracts the car krews! Anyone that knows my pain please add to […]

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