Andover – The town where dreams are made & then shattered!

Living in Andover, Hampshire

Andover is the kind of hell hole that only exists in the deepest realms of a dark fiction novel. Contorted people with pustules and warts wander the streets in the day time….Trying to pass the time until there miserable lives are ended. 15 year old girls push triplets around feeding them with social milk. Nothing nice exists in this town, nothing good…

Andover has two real nightclubs for ****’s to go and tongue bash other ****’s, life and strikers. Strikers got its name from a famous fight where someone actually got there ear kicked off [allegedly]. Life was officially [allegedly] voted the country’s most STI infected nightclub in both 2011 and 2012.

The ***** in Andover though are what make it truly awful. There is a broad range, from the young – with their furry moustaches and older brothers hand me down nike tops. And the old – who generally hang out at the local gala bingo hall.

How grim is your Postcode?

What is amazing though, is despite all this someone – who has no sense – has built a huge cinema… the fact that it is still standing and hasn’t burnt down, is a minor miracle.