are ***** ****** (Portsmouth)

Have you ever noticed that most ***** are pig ******* ugly Portsmouth it seems has more than alot of places most of the women are fat tracky wearing *****(dont forget the food down the front) the guys are boss eyed wonky ears and rotten teeth the kids of the city are just as bad but they have the personality of an ****** pitbull raised for fighting , so where are the dads of these kids well the way the kids look i think the mum and dad are possibly brother and sister or father and daughter ,ok lets say im wrong on tht but look at what Portsmouth is its a small island of sorts with lots of people no one moves out of Portsmouth they dont know there’s a world out there (there that thick) people here grow up in an area of Portsmouth and stay there dont move out the area they even work in the area they where born drink in the same local pubs as there parents and relative over the years it becomes murky who is related to who so cousins become a couple have kids who then shag a cousin same thing interbred so as i say watch deliverance (an old film) you can see what the people of Portsmouth look like and find a mad pitbull to see how they act

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