Manchester: The Inconvenient Truth About Britain’s Second City

Living in Manchester, Greater Manchester

Manchester, where did it all go wrong? Once the grand Cottonopolis, it has been ruled by a Labour administration who are determined to do more damage to the city and inner city than The Luftwaffe could only ever have dreamt of.

Anything of beauty is a target for greedy developers and uninterested foreign developers who seek to destroy the slightest hint of architectural merit. To be an architect in Manchester you must only own a ruler and take inspiration from the sort of buildings which every other European city is seeking to eradicate. If you are a fan of brutalist architecture costing upwards of £400 a square foot; you have just entered heaven.

This is facilitated by a Labour dominated council who people will never vote out due to tribalism and the notion that these people actually represent them. An openly practicing member of ISIS with a red rosette would be elected here such is the assonance.

How grim is your Postcode?

Now let’s talk about the streets: Manchester has one of The UK’s worst litter problems due to poor parenting and the self-entitled attitude of many residents. The centre also has a transient population who, sadly, neither care nor respect this once magnificent city.

Added to this is one of the most tragic homeless problems in Britain. It is impossible to go out in Manchester and not be asked for change at some point. Maybe you will be accosted by a homeless person who might dance or juggle for you in the vague hope of acquiring 17p.

So is this a Trumpesque ‘Let’s Make Manchester Great Again’ rant? No. I want this article to be shared and for people to realise that the streets of Manchester are more likely to be paved with trampled McDonalds packaging than gold. I want Manchester to gain a reputation so that the council might actually do something about it: The situation really is that desperate.