Reddish: The Ghetto of Greater Manchester

Living in Reddish, Stockport, Greater Manchester

Welcome to Reddish, an outlying slum of the town of Stockport and the home to many ***** and council house clutter. There, you can get up to many activities, such as getting robbed by a group of *****. They will often retreat to their area of congregation, Houldsworth Square, to sell your stolen items, or perhaps go to the local spice house and get ‘chonged’ with the local ketamine addict, crackhead Tony.

Reddish truly stands out psychologically, as people wonder what goes through a 12 year old boys head, when they decide to rob the purse of a pensioner. There are also plenty of recreational areas you could visit, such as North Reddish park. There, not only did my 16 year old cousin, get put in hospital, but my brother had his hat stolen, by the local *****, who of which lives on the local estate.

Feeling like a treat? Why not go to the local corner “shop”. I am truly quite concerned that this establishment still has it’s trading license, considering they had a loaf of bread, 16 months past expiry date, on the shelf ready to be sold to an unsuspecting customer.

How grim is your Postcode?

You truly begin to realise the diversity of Reddish as you enter the ‘posh estate’. There you will meet the local flexers. These are the type of people who show off their parents’ jewellery on their snapchat stories. They may also be the leaders of the associations of *****. Among this group of people, ‘goon’, is a common phrase used by them, towards a normal person.

So now you know, the peculiar horrors that lie behind the sign, of Greater Manchester’s ghetto.