Rochdale: A complete abomination occupying the map of Greater Manchester

Living in Rochdale, Greater Manchester

Majority of the residents disdain this town. The sole act of living here, and even being associated with Rochdale is a disgrace. Not for trivial, but rather major reasons. In fact, the (not so) respectful residents may just happen to be the contributory factor!

Possessors of low IQ, users of unknown speech codes, devoted to ‘grime’ and overly fond of drugs, in particular marijuana- are few of the admirable traits and practices common among the youth.

The educational institutes fail to resemble schools but rather duplicate the following:

How grim is your Postcode?
  1. mental asylum
  2. zoo
  3. circus, without any talent or ability that is.

Activities, attractions or even remotely decent, worthy places to visit: non existent. Residents resort to traveling to neighbouring towns and areas to eat out, shop, and engage in other dull pursuits. Which they consider to to be highly enjoyable. That is to be expected when one has to endure the deprived, unfortunate lifeless state of Rochdale..