Withington, Manchester – The area that we all just gave up on

Living in Withington, Manchester

I’ve lived in Withington my whole life and wouldn’t wish living here on my worst enemy. Crackheads, winos, *****, the lot. It’s a place where your neighbour has slept with everyone that you know, where 13 year olds chat up middle aged women. It’s a place where you can’t get a pasty in peace.

During the day you can walk through the “fabulous village” to get harassed by drunk 50 odd year old women for spare change, you get stared at by the local fake blind perv and you get insulted by the 12 year old ****** lads and that’s before you even reach the Co-op. We’ve had multiple robberies at co-op, one even being by a 14 year old lad. Greggs has been robbed twice, yes I know what you’re thinking it actually was robbed for the pasties once, and has now shut down.

Walking to the local over priced charity shop you hear the music of “yo you’re fit you, wanna link up” from the mongrels roaming the street. You’ll see the man who’s so high on Spice that he’s sleeping stood up outside Subway. You’ll get harassed if you look slightly different to the *****.

How grim is your Postcode?

In Withington, there’s a 99% chance you’ll get mugged at least twice. Theres a 95% chance you’ll get followed. Oh, and you can’t forget that if you ignore the 10 year old kid trying to chat you up he will most likely get his brother/sister to punch you in the face. You’ll probably also notice that 99.9% of 16-18 year old girls are walking around with a spliff in their mouth and a pram in their hands.

Withington is a place that Manchester should just forget about, the people there too. If you ever decide to move here, oh god, good luck to you.