Reddish, Stockport: The Ghetto of Greater Manchester – Part 2

Living in Reddish, Stockport, Greater Manchester
Living in Reddish, Stockport, Greater Manchester

Two years ago I decided to report on the dreadful slum known as Reddish. At that point I had believed things could only get better, and oh how wrong I could’ve been.

Lice-ridden pyjamas

As you walk along the rundown Gorton Road, it is impossible not to notice the scruffy teen mothers, walking to the local corner shop with a litter of foul mouthed toddlers, each dressed in filthy, lice-ridden pyjamas, with a worn pair of Air Max trainers just about failing off their feet. As they walk past, you can see the rundown establishments including: a derelict pub, shutdown due to its reputation of vicious bar fights and rampant drug dealing; a row of ghastly takeaways, each with a disturbingly low hygiene ratings; and an old convenience store, known for poor customer service.

Local Dialect

We then move on to the local Teenagers. They are incredibly easy to spot, usually wearing a full tracksuit, a puffer jacket, and a pair of Air Max. Their favourite hobbies include driving stolen cars/mopeds, smoking/selling weed, and tormenting the poor, unsuspecting locals. Rather than speaking common English, they deepen their voices and speak in a cryptic dialect, presumably to be able to discuss their misdeeds and illegal activity without raising suspicion to the authorities.

How grim is your Postcode?

Lanky Hill

If you drive down Reddish Road, towards Stockport, you will come across Lanky Hill. It is impossible to get the idea of poverty out of your head while you are in this area. In the centre of the hill there is a round-a-bout, each turn bringing you to a grim surprise. To your left, you have the notorious Lanky Hill council flats, home to s3x offenders, drug addicts, and destitute families stuck in a cycle of poverty and crime. To your right, the local McDonald’s, where the poor workers have their will tested on daily basis, constantly calling the police to help them tame the weed stenching feral youth.

Drug Debt

In the summer of 2019, my 14 year old brother thought it would be a good idea to befriend a pair of drug dealers, who ended up locking him in a flat and finding joy in battering him. They eventually forced him into a weed debt, knocking on my door and demanding £80. Just a matter of months later, the duo had found themselves in prison and on the s3x offenders register.

In my whole hearted opinion this dreadful s*ithole should be bulldozed and left for the ****.

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