Worst places to live in Bedfordshire

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  1. Living in Bedford, Bedfordshire

    Bedford – get ready for the nice smell of strong urine

  2. Living in Kempston, Bedford, Bedfordshire

    Bedford and Kempston “Your Papers Please!!”

  3. Living in Wootton, Bedford

    Wootton – located on the darkest recess of Satan’s inner rectum

  4. Living in Bedford, Bedfordshire

    Bedford – billed to be the Garden of Eden, but ended up like Stalinist Russia!

  5. Living in Kempston, Bedford

    Bedford and Kempston: Welcome to the Dawn of the Dumb-***

  6. Living in Bedford

    Bedford: Things started to slide back in the 80s

  7. Living in Luton, Bedfordshire

    Why Luton sucks…. a list

  8. Living in Luton

    Luton – not as bad as it was, but still dicey

  9. Living in Toddington, Bedfordshire

    Toddington, a horrible village full of wannabe ‘Lutoners’

  10. Living in or moving to Luton, Bedfordshire

    Luton – England’s Toilet

  11. Living in Luton, Bedfordshire

    Loathsome Luton!

  12. Living in Bedford

    Bedford, the place is riddled with strange and backwards people