Living in Bedford, Bedfordshire

Bedford – get ready for the nice smell of strong urine

Bedford has changed in the last 30 years but the Bus Station toilets still smell of rotting Pilchards and Piss.

Living in Kempston, Bedford, Bedfordshire

Bedford and Kempston “Your Papers Please!!”

The people of Bedford and Kempston watch you like Hawks, treating you with total suspicion and like a bit piece of sh*t, at the same time.

Living in Wootton, Bedford

Wootton – located on the darkest recess of Satan’s inner rectum

Wootton is a horror story within itself, If you believe in Ghouls and Witches this is the place.

Living in Bedford, Bedfordshire

Bedford – billed to be the Garden of Eden, but ended up like Stalinist Russia!

Bedford where the second coming was going to happen. The only coming was the Chav Invasion of the London Pygmies.

Living in Kempston, Bedford

Bedford and Kempston: Welcome to the Dawn of the Dumb-Ass

The Dumb-Ass people of Bedford and Kempston, unkind, selfish, homophobic, bigoted and xenophobic bunch of sh$$s.