Bedford – get ready for the nice smell of strong urine

Living in Bedford, Bedfordshire

Bedford had changed in the last 30 years or so. The Bus Station had been refurbished into the 21st century. So had the Car park, What still remains the same the Loo’s still smell of rotting Pilchards and Piss.

Sadly If you wanted to go to the Loo in the centre of town in the evening, the Toilets are always shut after 6pm and if they are open, they are not clean as they should be. The smell is overpowering and the Toilets are always filled with Bog Paper and a nasty surprise of a Fat **** floating on the top. The floor is wet with yellow Piss and some of the cubicle doors don’t lock properly. Due to vandalism.

The Town Centre has changed a lot in 30 years or so. Once upon a time it had a range of good shops and it was prosperous. But now days, empty shops on every street. We have more Tescos in the town centre, then ever before. The public transport is not good, due to rising Bus fares and Buses not arriving on time. It’s a sad reflection how Bedford had slumped into chaos and it is now a sad shadow, how it used to be.

How grim is your Postcode?