Living in Kempston, Bedford
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The Dumb-Ass people of Bedford and Kempston, of which I have never seen so many, unkind, selfish. Homophobic and Bigoted xenophobic bunch of sh$$s. In one place. On the outskirts of Bedford. The neighbourhoods in Kempston are like living in a DMZ, they are run down with disrepair and it seems like the people don’t care. The is evidence of fly tipping and abandoned cars in the street. There are very nosey neighbours in the hostile parts of Kempston and Bedford. The neighbourhood, where I live, they have full time jobs in poking their noses into everything and everyone. There is a climate of fear and apprehension. It’s like walking on eggshells. There is a high crime rate here because of the ASBO laden Scum, that walks on on our streets, after sun down. Recently there is been a murder or two. In the local newspapers. This adds to the fear.

At night, it is not safe to walk the streets. If you do you will get mugged, raped or murdered. There is a constant soundtrack of police sirens. Mostly at night. At the weekend there are always a gang or two, hanging near the local KFC in Kempston. There’s always a police presence around that area.

Some have More ASBOs and visits to rehab than the average IQ. These Chavs and Chavettes look very intimidating, wearing their hoodies over their heads. Most of these feral scum are junkies, looking for their next hit. Most are drug dealers and hardened criminals looking for their next victim.

If you visit Bedford, make sure it’s during the day and it’s in a actual shopping area. These are no go zones for the Zombies/ Crazies that I have mentioned.

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