Luton – not as bad as it was, but still dicey

Living in Luton

I used to go to school in a neighbouring town to Luton, and everyone there was physically scared of it. “Don’t go to Luton, you’ll get mugged” they said, trembling. Unfortunately when I grew up all the jobs and cheap houses were in Luton, so I moved there and did indeed get mugged. Luton in […]

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Luton – England’s Toilet

Living in or moving to Luton, Bedfordshire

Well what can I say about this absolute hole? I had the misfortune of living in Luton for just over a year. I was lucky, being that I lived in Leagrave; pretty posh for Luton. But still a complete dump. When I first moved to Luton I decided to walk to work to try and […]

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Loathsome Luton!

Living in Luton, Bedfordshire

Luton has been let down by everyone from the train companies to the council. I’ll act as a tourist guide starting with the station which looks decrepit at best, even though it’s located along one of the most expensive commuter routes, the station operator can’t be asked to fix the leaking roof instead putting traffic […]

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