Why Luton sucks…. a list

Living in Luton, Bedfordshire

I grew up in Luton, and i hated it and still hate it now, despite not living there in years.

OK, there are SOME good things, since nothing in life is 100% good or bad…

The good, is that it’s large, multi-cultural with no race issues that cause tension or violence, good transport links (not just airport, but into London in 30 minutes and new busway..) and is near good countryside like the Chiltern Hills and Warden Hills.

How grim is your Postcode?

OK, that’s the good. the bad is f*cking hefty:

– for a town its size, poor shopping. the mall arndale is OK as shopping centres go, but then no big food court. and it’s architecture si ******* ugly. People who invented Brutalist architecture need to be shot.

– Not much variety in entertainment. OK, there’s a big cinema, but ******/chain pubs, not much variety in restaurants despite the bog standard curry houses and/or chinese places, or chicken shops, and no nice places to eat that arent a nandos or other chain store. not much culture, there is a theatre, but then it’s ********, no major artists go there.

– no music venue. nowhere to go to see big names or artists.

– ******, uneducated, humdrum people. people are very mundane, and not much life or passion in them. they’re just content with their lot and to live in the many ex-council estates in the town.

– not much high-standard housing, just standard terraced housing, or late-20th century design housing.

– not much nice architecture, and no real history to the town, even though supposedly is over 1000 years old and founded in Anglo-Saxon times.

– has green space, but not much to do there. just ****** parks where kids play football

– there have been some improvements like the busway, cinema, new roads, new shops, but not enough and the council are pretty dim in speeding this up.

– no soul or character, and the residents aren’t very friendly and as said too mundane and ******.

Luton is ******, and the shittiest town in the Herts/Beds region.