(809 crimes in May 2022)
South End, Kempston
(359 crimes in Apr 2022)
(299 crimes in May 2022)
Fenlake, Harrowden
(278 crimes in May 2022)
Parkside, Houghton Regis
(239 crimes in May 2022)
(199 crimes in May 2022)
Bidwell, Houghton Regis
(180 crimes in May 2022)
(170 crimes in May 2022)
Salph End, Ravensden
(166 crimes in Apr 2022)
(133 crimes in May 2022)

Why Luton sucks…. a list

Living in Luton, Bedfordshire

I grew up in Luton, and i hated it and still hate it now, despite not living there in years. OK, there are SOME good things, since nothing in life is 100% good or bad… The good, is that it’s large, multi-cultural with no race issues that cause tension or violence, good transport links (not […]

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Loathsome Luton!

Living in Luton, Bedfordshire

Luton has been let down by everyone from the train companies to the council. I’ll act as a tourist guide starting with the station which looks decrepit at best, even though it’s located along one of the most expensive commuter routes, the station operator can’t be asked to fix the leaking roof instead putting traffic […]

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