Living in Wootton, Bedford

Wootton – located on the darkest recess of Satan’s inner rectum

Wootton is a horror story within itself, If you believe in Ghouls and Witches this is the place.

Living in Bedford, Bedfordshire

Bedford – billed to be the Garden of Eden, but ended up like Stalinist Russia!

Bedford where the second coming was going to happen. The only coming was the Chav Invasion of the London Pygmies.

Living in Bedford

Bedford: You’ll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy

Once upon a time Bedford was the swankiest place in Bedfordshire. But no more. Bedford is now full of drug dealers, gangs and murders.

Living in Bedford

Bedford, the place is riddled with strange and backwards people

I wouldn't visit to Bedford any time soon unless you are a drug addict, rapist, murderer, alcoholic tramp, or hold more ASBOs than your IQ.

Living in Bedford, Bedfordshire

Bedford, It’s never ending, It’s hell

From my second storey Bedford Bedroom, I heard a live version of the ‘Jeremy Kyle’ show, for the benefit of me and my neighbours at 02:26