We have now been compiling our Top 10 worst places to live in England list for the last decade. There is no scientific method to all this, we just go by the volume of comments and local press outrage (because they know it’s true). Think we’ve missed out a town or city? Think we have our Top 10 all wrong? Post your corrections in the comment section for our consideration. If your nomination makes it into the list, we’ll inform the local press and kick up a stink. Offending local councillors, dignitaries and meddlesome ratbags plus ruining the trade of slime ball estate agents, makes our day! So for 2015 we present our definitive Top 10 of the worst god-awful hell holes in England, enjoy.

10. Barking & Dagenham

Some say Barking & Dagenham is the rough diamond of the East End, we like to think of it as a flawed gem. Here’s what our readers have to say:

“Dagenham has all the charm of a fetid pool of primordial muck. If Chav heaven is in Romford, then Dagenham is the gateway between heaven and hell.”

  • amy

    I am honestly in shock i can not believe that rochdale has not made it on to this list. Especially considering all the bad publicity it has had in recent years.

  • albiontyke

    The Geography is wrong on the map opposite, seemingly the East Midlands has stolen part of the Yorkshire and Humberside region.

  • albiontyke

    Being a middle aged Sales Rep who has travelled to most parts of the country, I can’t agree that Bradford and Hull are anyway near as bad as, Sunderland, Leicester or Wolverhampton who are not even on the list. Also many borough’s in London are missing here, Lewisham & Haringey are prime examples. Both Bradford and Hull are possibly far more diverse than most places, having some horrendous areas of deprivation, but conversely, unlike many cities, large areas are extremely prosperous and very attractive and some of the satellite towns near Bradford rank amongst some of the most affluent in Britain.