Top 10 Worst places to live in England 2016

We have been compiling the top 10 worst places to live in England for more than a decade. Thousands of readers have voted for their least salubrious dump in this septic isle.  Offending local councillors, dignitaries and meddlesome ratbags plus ruining the trade of slime ball lying estate agents, makes our day as they do their level best to polish a turd of a town.  There were some upsets this year and a new entry rocketing into the charts, that is sure to cause some outrage in their respective local rags.  So for 2016 we present our definitive Top 10 of the worst god-awful hell holes in England, enjoy!

10. Middlesbrough

Middlesbrough or ‘Boro’ as the locals know it, is a bit like Newcastle but without the style and sophistication, imagine that! Dropping down the charts from last year’s number 2 slot, here’s what our readers have to say:

I have lived on the outskirts of Boro for 29 years and would never dream of living within Boro itself, it really is a s**thole!

  • TrulyBlack

    I spent my teens in Darlington because we ran out of money and we moved from Hampstead – all I can day is WOW u ppl r so ungrateful! Nah, just kiddin Darlington is horrible. I convince my parents to visit me and they’re in their 50s and they’re like ‘no liccal bwoy. Com bak to Darlington wid ur sissa, Helana’ (I have a sister called Helana). I agree with every sane person here who thinks Darlington needs improving. To hell with mono-culture. The amount of ignorant people I have encountered skyrockets above Burj Khalifah (I think that’s the name of that building in Dubai).
    Here is MY top ten:
    1.) Darlington
    2.) Haughton-Le-Skerne (Shitty part of Darlington)
    3.) Middleton Saint George
    4.) Shildon
    5.) Firth Moor (Another Shitty part of Darlington)
    6.) Hurworth
    7.) Teesside
    8.) Stockton-On-Tees
    9.) Yarm (Posh Snobs – I know what ur thinkin – STERYOTYPICAL – but I have encountered more right-wingers than a Bird – PUNNY! kk then don’t laugh!)
    10.) Skerne Park (Not-so-Shitty part of Darlington)

  • TrulyBlack

    LOL I just cringe at the wannabe hard men in Darlington. So glad I moved to Ealing

  • gfvhgd

    Great Britain has to be the most atrocious and depressing country to live in. 99% of the UK is an economic deprived wasteland, where everything is mostly concentrated in London, which is also turning into a dump.

    I am planning to expatriate and leave this horrendous hellhole after almost 30 years of living here. I thought Scotland was bad, but when I saw parts of England such as the North of England and the Midlands, thats when I realised there is no hope. You only live once, so there is no way I am going to waste my life living here.

    You can have your chav infested nightmare country. Asia, here I come!

  • kelly

    There is nothing wrong with tower hamlets there are old and new buildings. The eastend has character and plenty of stories to tell and the house prices for a normal terraced house is well above a million,so i wouldnt consider this one of the worst places to live and the house prices are going up and up.