We have now been compiling our Top 10 worst places to live in England list for the last decade. There is no scientific method to all this, we just go by the volume of comments and local press outrage (because they know it's true). Think we've missed out a town or city? Think we have our Top 10 all wrong? Post your corrections in the comment section for our consideration. If your nomination makes it into the list, we'll inform the local press and kick up a stink. Offending local councillors, dignitaries and meddlesome ratbags plus ruining the trade of slime ball estate agents, makes our day! So for 2015 we present our definitive Top 10 of the worst god-awful hell holes in England, enjoy.

10. Barking & Dagenham

Some say Barking & Dagenham is the rough diamond of the East End, we like to think of it as a flawed gem. Here's what our readers have to say:

"Dagenham has all the charm of a fetid pool of primordial muck. If Chav heaven is in Romford, then Dagenham is the gateway between heaven and hell."

  • Whatever

    Hull is definitely not the worst town/city. Might be s**t but its the same as anywhere it depends on the area. I have visited much worse areas and cities. Its like any city and it’s the people who spoil it not the actual geographical location. TBH I’ve lived in s**t & posh and quite a few areas and Hulls worst areas are of no comparism to many other cities. In fact I think the middle class, posh are the worst type of scum. They just hide it better and have the money to deal, smoke, drink in a home rather than a corner, but they’re no better at being humans than the poor.

  • just sayin’

    Where’s Leicester on this list?

  • James Wren

    A lot of beautiful places in the UK, but these towns?…shockers
    1. Bracknell – number one for something at last.
    2. Tamworth – a ‘pig’ of a town
    3. Plymouth ( pains me to say, but the city centre is a shocker due to some German visitors a few years back, but still….what a mess)
    4. Whitland – change trains there, but for godsakes, don’t stay.
    5. Port Talbot – the smell is of death.
    6. Newport, Gwent – good for passport renewals. It stops there.
    7.Luton – there are no words to sum up this town, although crap is one.
    8.Reading – soulless by day, war zone by night.
    9.Stockport – just cack
    10.Hastings – it’s just like Brighton, just without people, vibe and painted houses.

  • east london

    look guys it apparently seems that everywhere has chavs I live in east London west ham I don’t give one like some places I disagree on, but also we don’t all have to be some posh little gits walking around with £1million bags , some places are rough just deal with it everywhere has crime just deal with it look at west London the posh area there are lot crimes there don’t see a posh chave with a ted baker bag walking down the street there do ya?

  • Stuart Smith

    The most economically deprived area of the country is NE England, we’re still in the process of slum clearance in parts of Newcastle/ Gateshead, but the people of the NE more than make up for the deprivation and poverty, I’m impressed we haven’t attracted anyone’s ire, by the way you’re all welcome!

  • VeritasDude

    Truth is the whole of the UK is rapidly being flushed down the toilet like an oversized turd.

    The very term frequently used on this site “Chav” puts a huge section of the population into a dehumanised box and is a symptom of the very cause of the problem – class and “status” obsession, the divide and conquer tool of the elite.

    Most people who look down on what they term Chavs are usually indebted way beyond the total value of their lives salaries and are in a deluded state that they somehow are equal to the wealthy upper classes of society simply because they’ve been granted one or more ridiculous sized mortgages (often with buy-to-let mortgages that allow them to extend their debt levels to several future lifetimes) – their true financial “net worth” is in real terms LESSER than a Chav when all debts be settled. So who are the true poor?.

    We are all made from the same stuff, stop judging others based on how much cash they have to purchase flawed goods. Unite and rebel against this hell within which we all live. None are truly happy, from the heroin & gambling addicts through to those addicted to shopping, alcohol or even the caffeine addicted bean counting workers who diligently burn away their souls to reach that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow which turns out to in reality to be a hospital bed shortly followed by a furnace in a crematorium. Like the song goes, we’re on the road to nowhere.

    Most regions mentioned in this top 10 correspond with economies that have been allowed to die a death – many having histories of great success and wealth in the past. As we all know, a certain female prime minister in the 80’s launched an assault on the nations poorest areas which is still being sustained by her successors today.

    The true worth of a man is what he gives to the world – helping others and spending time without accepting remuneration. Such endeavours enrich the soul far more than any financial reward – unfortunately such values are ridiculed and sneered at in our current culture.

    • Gazza

      I have no issues about material wealth , there are billions in poverty … what i have a problem with is people who have no respect for themselves or others … dump their rubbish on the street , vandalise public spaces or other peoples property and dont even observe personal hygiene .. none of which is related to material wealth .. sadly many people have a attitude of “entitlement” ,and it all started with the materialism and greed back in the 80s . Well this is the result two generations later so god help us all .

  • guyguyguyguyguyman

    Where’s wolverhampton?

  • Rach

    I’ve lived in both Nottingham and Hull, and honestly, Hull is so much better than Nottingham

  • Ollie

    Northampton never seems to make it to any of the crap towns lists, which is strange because a lot of the places that do, actually seem nicer than Northampton.

    The shopping here is dire, the trains are crap (being on a loop off the mainline takes its toll) and the new bus station causes gridlock. Whilst the ugly dark concrete caverns of the notorious old bus station loom over the town, well at least the old bus station worked.

    Another thing that’s strange is that Northampton is never considered to be crap in other parts of the UK and people think it’s a city and not a town, proving that most people don’t know anything about Northampton, Slough seems to be better known than Northampton, and Slough is about half the size of Northampton.

    People here consider a trip to Milton Keynes as a treat, but most of the country consider it as a curse.
    That says a lot about this town, Northampton…

  • The 576 Bus to Bradford

    I love Bradford. But I don’t live far from it. The shops have gone downhill a bit but that new pool in the centre is bang on though, loads of fun on a hot, sunny day, a veritable United Nations of harmony in my experience. And not a nicked, knackered shopping trolley or dead alcoholic in sight. Mind you that might have been a good day. ;)

  • greentreewoodsforestsmarian

    too many places to place on here

  • greentreewoodsforestsmarian

    dirty,ignorant,rude,no shops left,houses and more houses thank god im moving very soon from here what a dump

  • greentreewoodsforestsmarian

    maidenhead,chavs everywhere whats happened to this country!

  • http://www.facebook.com/cth.eastbourne Cth Eastbourne

    Walthamstow. Lived there for 20 years, now pleased to be out.