Let me introduce everyone to a little town called Hessle

Living in Hessle, Hull

I would like to introduce everyone to a little town called Hessle. Most of you will have never heard of it, but just think of the biggest, most known s**thole in the UK… yep you guessed right, Hull!

Now head a few miles west and yes you Have its little sister town Hessle, equally as much a sh*thole as its mother town! In fact forget ******* Hull, there’s more hardcore teggers (the local name for *****) per square mile than (i believe) anywhere else in the country! All you’d have to do is make the mistake of saying you’re in Hull and you’d be beaten s**tless for mistaking this s**thole western extension of a bigger s**thole as not been a separate dive from the nearby one!

It’s only a small town, that mainly comprises of the Boothferry estate to the east and other numerous small s**thole estates centring around its central square, which is like a major **** meeting place. I believe this is like what mecca is to muslims…all ***** should visit hessle square at least once in their lives!

How grim is your Postcode?

Swiftly moving on… after dark they all retire (not home….) but to the two main filling stations, starting at the Total garage ’till ten when it shuts, then to the Esso one which is 24hour and harass the **** out of passers by, grrrr

So when they go on about hull being a hole, they’re really talking about its sister dump Hessle!

Don’t ever visit it, don’t even talk about this place, you’re just asking the trouble!