To begin with there is a reason why Goole is called sleepy hollow! lived here for over 10 yrs now, and have lived alot of places and have to say hands down this is the worse place i have ever lived in my entire life. The people are the most nastiest, and small minded, and mentally unstable bunch of idiots i have ever met in my whole life. They all walk round thinking there god, they are all nearly *******, who spread diseases and have no clue what STD means. Nearly every girl by the age of 18 are pregnant with at least one or two children, and parents who approve of this and there childrens other unruley behaviour. Nobody in this town has any respect or manners for anybody else apart from themselves and spelling the word manners or respect is even harder for them. Goolies as they call them love nothing better to do than spend there days and nights causing hell and mayhem for each other, they love nothing better than TROUBLE!! it makes there day when they have f**ked some one else’s day up. I think the word bitching started here in GOOLE. The parents are the worse parents i have ever seen in my life the majority of them have lost there children or just can not be arsed with them anymore and would rather be tarting it with another man, getting pissed, or taking drugs. There is a serious lack of good parents and parenting skills, some of the things i have seen concerning parenting in this area would make you cry. They seem to assess all out siders as a threat, as they set upon them on first sight, the problem is they are the problem not the outsiders. As an outsider i see Goole and all that lives in it as one big testing ground for the mentally disordered humans in our society.

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