Boston: I am not a duck!

Living in Boston, Lincolnshire
Living in Boston, Lincolnshire

Boston, this town is the personification of disgusting and hypocrisy combined. You have to visit Boston to believe this statement.

Seriously, before you visit make sure you use the bathroom and if using a car, have a spare pair of shoes. There is literally sh*t everywhere and unfortunately it is most likely human sh*t because there are no toilets available.

In fact bring a travel chair if you have a car, as most of the benches are filled with a mix of local Brits and Eastern Europeans drinking with more track marks on their arms than a character in Trainspotting.

How grim is your Postcode?

If you’re foreign or from the EU be careful when visiting, the local population are unfriendly and racist. Expect to hear ignorant phrases like: “Giz some Tate’s kid don’t want any of that foreign muck..” When a racist British person is trying to buy potatoes, even though potatoes do not originally come from the u.k. If you are Eastern European, don’t drink in the street. Racist EDL members will be drawn to you like wasps around sugar.

If your a politician it might help taking notes when visiting Lincolnshire and then trying to put some money and infrastructure in the area or you could just Cary on with the status quo, dividing the population with the hate.

Take a torch for night time visits because the street lights have been turned off to save money.

Whilst in Boston, Lincolnshire there are sights to be seen such as the famous Model: Mr Mxxxxx who regularly commits crime, posts on face book and complains that his criminal mugshot is not good enough and so reckons he is above the law, proceeding to walk around Boston town whilst wanted by the Police in bright yellow Scotch lite sports gear.

If Jeremy Kyle created a town and was declared the Mayor then you would get something similar to Boston. An area socially deprived, dysfunctional, racist and frequently exploited by the media.

Seriously though, the Boston Sausage is nice and so is the Skinner’s ice cream. I you visit grab the sausage, the ice cream and do not look any of the locals in the eyes, as they will threaten to knock you out.

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