Living in Boston, Lincolnshire
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Come to Boston and you will soon think you have travelled into eastern Europe. Every street seems to have a foreign shop, and you will hear more foreign languages than English.  Boston is a haven for foreign criminals. Every week there is a murder, a robbery, an assault, etc. The police force also seem to be afraid to deal with foreigners in Boston. If your a foreigner and you attack someone English there will be ‘nothing they can do’, but if your English and you attack a foreigner you will be arrested straight away, branded racist, etc.

The English population that live in Boston are fat, lazy and would rather sit and claim benifits than work, hence the problem with foreigners coming into Boston for work. Look around and you will see the majority of people in £5 sports direct tracksuits. Not an ounce of class anywhere to be seen.

The food in Boston, well, I’d rather eat my own dogs turds than eat in Boston. The restaurants and takeaways are smelly, greasy and your bound to get food poisoning from something.
To live move to Boston you would have to be extremely desperate, or ill, or just plain stupid. All in all, I would rather slit my own wrists than live in Boston.

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