Living in Skegness, Lincolnshire

Skegness – where northerners go to die (part 2)

In Skegness the North Sea in all its turgid brown glory, waves mockingly at the pasty-faced tourists who brave the water in a forlorn hope of some summer time frivolity.

Living in Skegness, Lincolnshire

Skegness – where the Northerners go to die

Skegness: not easily described to those who've not experienced its wrist-slashing bleakness and sense of hopelessness.

Living in Boston, Lincolnshire

Boston, in Lincolnshire, seems to be a run down hot bed of degenerates

Shame they drained the marshes, this turd of a town known as Boston would be under 6' of water by now otherwise (with a bit of luck anyway).

Living in Donington

Donington, bit by bit it is slowly being ruined

Donington used to be a beautiful, small village situated between Boston and Spalding, just off the A52.

Living in Boston, Lincolnshire

Boston. Capital of Europe

Come to Boston and you will soon think you have travelled into eastern Europe. You will hear more foreign languages than English.