Boston twinned with Warsaw

Living in Boston, Lincolnshire
Living in Boston, Lincolnshire

Boston twinned with Warsaw

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Once upon a time during the 1990s Boston believe it or not was actually an ok place to be. Boston college provided the best option for a large section of Lincolnshire’s youth to seek further education. As a result Boston enjoyed a large but casual student community¬†with all the social and financial benefits this provided, it was essentially a small student town.

However with the opening of Lincoln University in the early 2000s the students of Lincolnshire abandoned Boston for the quaint and historical City and it’s growing economy. This left a void in Boston, a void that was soon to be filled with an influx of EU migrants given a free pass by the Labour party and their incompetence. But despite the fact that there are far too many EU migrants for the town to cope with socially speaking, they aren’t necessarily the problem. It seems that Boston now has a reputation for being one of the worst places to live in Lincolnshire, as a result of this reputation most respectable people refuse to live there. I work in Boston myself and in the building I work in only 3 members of staff live in Boston, the rest refusing to live in the town and opting to commute up to an hour each way on a daily basis, myself included.

Here are a few important notes you should know about Boston:

The running joke in the town is that you walk down the street and no longer hear English accents or language, but it’s no longer a joke, it’s a reality.

Boston’s schools provide some of the worst education in the country, try and have a conversation with a local and you’ll see what I mean.

The road network of the town is matched only by the average driving ability of the locals in sheer stupidity.

The local hospital (also the main hospital for the area) in infamous for it’s lack of cleanliness and very poor patient care, so much so the elderly care ward has been threatened with closure unless it shows improvement.

Stay away from the fenside estate

Certain pubs in the town will allow you to avoid the smoking ban and smoke indoors but only if you’re smoking a “herbal roll up”

In summary Boston is a rural town that suffers from all the problems of a rural town without any of the benefits, as most of the locals are on benefits.

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