Chatham, people can often be seen urinating in the street

Living in Chatham, Kent
Living in Chatham, Kent

After having the misfortune of reading (with a struggle) the last post about Chatham i thought i would add my tuppence. I like many other that came from this town failed by an education system that was more interested in having their *** break at the rear or the tech block, than educating pupils, have seen huge changes over the last 30 or so years.

Luton road was never a place with alot of money. But the residents took pride in what they had. Kept it clean tidy and painted. People spoke to each other and most knew most.
These days however…… a bustling ming pit of immigrants.

The old Henery street?
Just the place to be if you want underage ***********, HIV or AIDS. Other than this steer clear.
It’s quite a surprise the police make it out alive.

How grim is your Postcode?

As for drugs? Dont worry about the dark alleys, just pop into the old [service shop we can’t name for legal reasons]. Ask the right questions and you will be swimming in your fave’ tipple.

Streets that were once good places to raise childeren? Taken over by lazy good for nothing ner-do-wells, that are more than happy to live off the backs of others or have as many kids as they can with as many different men as you can, career mums. The council housing? all bought up and rented to the aforementioned, immigrants and now london councils are shifting all their ner-do-wells into any and all private housing that is available. The streets are no longer safe. Elderly people that have lived in their homes 60 +years are being scared out of their homes.

The high street? A dying town struggling to breath. People can often be seen urinating in the street (and that is the adults). Unless you want the cheapest of ***** for your home you are better heading out of town. Mothers screeching at children and other mothers, is about your best hope within the horrid stinking filth pit.

The dock yard could be worth a visit if you’re literate enough to fill in the loan form to meet the stupidly high cost of entry.

Fort Amhurst used to be one of the better places to play as a child, but now there is only one tunnel open and the rest is just a walk about with not a whole lot to see. All the other Forts being closed or privately owned.

So in the end what you see is what you get. It is a dirty stinking pig hole with no prospects and no hope. Even the homeless moved out! If you want to sit on your **** and watch jezza kyle while waiting for you benefits to clear, you will fit right in. IF you want to work for a living stay away. Unless you are happy to see lazy sh*ts living it up on your weekly tax and insurance contributions, that should be spent on your own children. Believe me, when these benefit babys are all getting flat screen tv’s and xboxes for Christmas, while you’re struggling it’s very hard to say you’re welcome.

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