Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Kent, United Kingdom

                        Chatham A.K.A Chavham

When people think of Chatham you think of the Dockyard or something associated with naval ships. Now days it isn’t, it is nowadays embarrassing, not safe for children, full of crime. It may not have as much crime as major cities do but they are bad. What you see is a load of chavs hanging around the job centre, the Pentagon shopping centre, the high street itself. You may think they just harmless but they are not, you see people giving you looks that make you think you would get mugged by a non-intelligent chav. They normally ask you “do you have a lighter?”  if you have a lighter just say “no I’m sorry I don’t have one.” If they don’t like it what would they do? Most likely nothing as of that they are cowards, they do sometimes want to start picking fights or want to beat the s*** out of you for no reason, I should know because I had 2 chavs running after me and a friend just because we were commenting on about how we didn’t see people sitting on the escalators often. They weren’t that smart after picking a fight with security guards in the Pentagon as of that I think they got banned from setting foot in the Pentagon which no surprise they got caught on camera. 





The origin of Chavs

Chavs originally came from Chatham, they were nicked named “Chatham chavs” in the 1970’s, forget what the media think the origin was from because they are wrong. I may not of been from the 70’s but I know it started off as a “trend” in a school which I think it was either Chatham South ( BORA aka the Bishop of Rochester, stupid name for a school I know) or Chatham grammar school for girls. If I went back in time I would have stopped that from happening but unfortunately that wouldn’t work out to well.



 What I think of Chatham 


I think Chatham in general need more police officers, not only just because of immigration influx it’s all so because of trouble makers of all ages. I’m personally sick of anti-social behaviour, it make young people look bad and been protrude by the media that all young people are trouble making scum, I don’t believe all of us are, we just normal people that want to get on in life. They need to speak proper English not gobberdy goop s*** that they call slang. They would get a lot further in life if they did and not only that they could get theirselfs a job, a better life not causing crime. Their music is just attorshous ( to me anyway) the clothing makes girls look slutty and easy prey, and the boys dress stupidly and are like wannabe gangsters. I think if you put the male chavs in the same room as the Russian Mafia they would crap their pants and whimper like a baby. They also drink and smoke under the age of 18 and they think it’s cool, well it doesn’t because it would damage their health’s, their so called “swag” ugly would I shouldn’t of used it but oh well. What they should do is just dress up like a proper human being, not act what they are not, smell better and speak proper English and listen to something decent.


By: Steve M