Living in Bury, Greater Manchester
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I lived in Bury from 2014 to 2017 and it was a real eye opener. Bury has its own perfume – Eau de Weed which is particularly noticeable between the Spotted Cow and the Old Crow on Bell Lane.

These two pubs host their own live shows every Thursday to Sunday – ‘Night of the Living (brain) Dead’ which starts in the pubs and spreads down Brighton Street and into ‘Dicky Bird’ estate, dick being the operative word.

The local housing association- S**t Town Housing have dumped all the reprobates, druggies and dealers into this area, pushing the normal, hard working people out, unless they are mortgaged, then of course it’s tough poo, put and shut up.

Glad we escaped. The market is amazing, best in the world but the black pudding is not up to much.

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