Bury, Greater Manchester, Property Guide
  Written by Anonymous. Posted in Greater Manchester

Bury is fast becoming the beggars paradise. On a typical night out, you can expect three need 20p for the bus, Half a dozen have you got a cig mate or can I finish yours pal, a guy sat beside the cash machine playing a recorder (Badly) waiting for a tip and even a story that goes along the lines of “You may like this, You may not but I am in real need of 50p”, when you say no, He even thanks you for listening.

Come on, They give normal beggers a bad name. As For the “Adult” drinking population, I was amazed the local pubs didn’t sell cow and gate formula on draught. Then just to make things interesting on a rather dull mid-week evening, head to the square near the parish church and watch the local alcoholics drinking whatever they have manged to scrape the money for, pissing in the street and generally loud mouthing any one that dares to go within 20 feet of them

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