Living in Farnworth, Bolton
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in Greater Manchester, North West

Farnworth, a subdistrict of Bolton, is a town which has never truly left its age-old village mentality in the past. The beginning of the problem stems from being confused about its place in the world. Being situated in between Bolton and Little Hulton, Farnworth is never really sure whether it is Boltonian or Salfordian.

The past 15 years has seen the steepest decline of an area I have ever know. Old residents are clambering to get away as a seemingly unstoppable wave of chavness approaches from numerous directions, and is absolutely relentless in its mission. Those responsible are the parents of the ‘Tony Blair Generation’ who do not know the meaning of work and who think that the welfare system is a given right, not a privilege. The result is a bunch of tracksuit wearing, pot smoking, spotty faced reprobates, who, much like cockroaches, have swarmed all over Farnworth’s various estates as if they were a pile of rotting rubbish in an abandoned house.

I fear for the future of Farnworth. The decline shows no sign of letting up and my prediction is that within the next 10 years, Farnworth will be a desolate ghost town with no passing traffic, no shops, just half mutated, inbred six-fingered chavs pushing prams around with the next generation of super-mutant chav.

Sad Really.

  • exiled

    Breaks my heart to see,this is the place where I grew up,back then it was full of low paid working class
    families.Now when I go back,it’s full of chav Jeremy Kyle scroates. Absolutely tragic,within the next 10 years it will be the next part of the Salford overspill.

  • Don Kiddick

    Totally agree.
    The kids in Farnworth run round like unruly vermin, un-tamed by their parents/the law.
    Its like Beruit without the sunshine – awful place.

  • BB1993

    I don’t like to judge people so harshly, but it really does annoy me that these kind of people smoke weed because they seem to think its “cool”.
    Smoking weed does not make a person dumb, mental, lazy or incapable, yet these people are giving off that impression to others.
    It’s perfectly possible to be intelligent, not anti-social, and an employed tax payer whilst also being a smoker and I know many people that are. Yet thanks to people like this, it makes people associate negative things with it because these youths are just in general twattish towards everybody, lazy, think they are hard and they see reading a book as something to be ridiculed.
    It just really gets to me. It’s the person, not the drug and I just wish these youths would stop making it look bad and leave it to the mature people who actually work, have respect for each other and actually do creative things under the influence, instead of standing in the street, spitting everywhere, hands down their trousers, trying to intimidate people.

    • PlainWhiteSte

      As you rightly point out most Marijuana smokers will be in general, law abiding citizens who pay their taxes and work, being productive members of their communities and the only law they break is to smoke a drug which is in large parts of this planet earth – legal.
      However I take issue with your focus on people who will have their hands down their pants, spitting everywhere and intimidating people… out of the 65mil. people in our country this is a small percentage of individuals who behave like this.
      Even focussing your attention on them is giving them what they so crave – attention.
      Focus your attention on why we have social delinquency on our planet, maybe the vast gap between Rich and the Poor has an impact? the fact that just short of 100 people have acquired more financial wealth than the rest of us (all 5billion+ of us)
      You won’t see Carlos Slim or Bill Gates kid’s living on estates in Greater Manchester, nor will you see them with their hands down their pants. No they probably had high levels of education at top private institutions.
      Point the finger at the correct target – who know’s we may just end up being better as a society for it.

  • Kent

    Farnworth is horrible. Its gone downhill rapidly and its residents all seem to be orange in colour and have six fingers.
    If you havent got an asbo or 5 kids by the time you are 16 there is something wrong with you. Do not move here – its the village of the damned.

  • ruff n ready

    Farnworth is indeed the village of the damned. Its no hoper chav residents are beyond hope. A cesspit for the dumped, unwanted and desperate. Steer clear its a nightmare.

  • Blackrod boy

    The problem is that loads of money has gone into neighbouring Salford and as a result the Bolton area is being left to the dogs. While most other areas in the country are beginning to see the early signs of a recovery Bolton isn’t, the unemployment rate has been permanently stuck around the 10% mark and this is not helped by the money being put into Salford as many people who rented in Salford can no longer afford to live there and there first port of call is Bolton and specifically Farnworth. So basically all of the worst sorts Salford has to offer are setting up in Farnworth thus pushing the area down further. About 10 years ago Bolton was one of the most expensive places is Greater Manchester now its officially the cheapest with the lowest average house prices in the area, leaving the likes of Oldham and Rochdale in its wake. There is 5 streets in Bolton (2 of which in Farnworth) where the average house price is below £50,000, all of these streets are terraced housing rather than flats.
    In all honesty I think in 10 years time Bolton will be as bad as Burnley and Blackpool is. We will be talked about in the same way for years people talked about Middlesbrough.