I fear for the future of Farnworth

Living in Farnworth, Bolton

Farnworth, a subdistrict of Bolton, is a town which has never truly left its age-old village mentality in the past. The beginning of the problem stems from being confused about its place in the world. Being situated in between Bolton and Little Hulton, Farnworth is never really sure whether it is Boltonian or Salfordian.

The past 15 years has seen the steepest decline of an area I have ever know. Old residents are clambering to get away as a seemingly unstoppable wave of chavness approaches from numerous directions, and is absolutely relentless in its mission. Those responsible are the parents of the ‘Tony Blair Generation’ who do not know the meaning of work and who think that the welfare system is a given right, not a privilege. The result is a bunch of tracksuit wearing, pot smoking, spotty faced reprobates, who, much like cockroaches, have swarmed all over Farnworth’s various estates as if they were a pile of rotting rubbish in an abandoned house.

I fear for the future of Farnworth. The decline shows no sign of letting up and my prediction is that within the next 10 years, Farnworth will be a desolate ghost town with no passing traffic, no shops, just half mutated, ****** six-fingered ***** pushing prams around with the next generation of super-mutant ****.

How grim is your Postcode?

Sad Really.