Coventry – The Hellhole of Britain

Living in Coventry, West Midlands
Living in Coventry, West Midlands

The only place in the country where living there could be confused as a punishment. The hellhole which is Coventry, is clear when experienced what it is really like, and it is evident to all who have dipped their toe in it, hopefully you will never have to. It is bad enough to be the furthest away from water in the country, but get a whiff of coventry and you will know, all is lost. While avoiding stepping in human excrement in traversing its narrow, empty, soulless streets that resemble something out of an apocalyptic hell zone, it’s a good idea to avoid the place unless you have a strong stomach, well stocked with anti-depressants, and a clear exit plan.

City Centre – When you really are feeling up for a challenge, the worst is the best that the worst can do. The city centre, in all its glories has about as much charm as a week old ****, and if you can circumnavigate the human faeces under foot, the everlasting stench of ****, and unkempt numptys asking for the time, you just might be able to make it all the way to the train station unscathed, but that is asking too much.

Each shop peculiarly has a closing down sign that seems to interchange between giro day, to keep the coventrians on their toes obviously, got to spend that money or it gets pissed away on the overcrowded, over extortionate hellholes called coventrys bendy and double decked buses, if you can’t get through having to emotionally fight your way with mental fortitude, from point a to point b without feeling drained of life, then you might as well walk.

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Employment – Forget it, too much unionism and nepotism in Coventry to even make it possible to get a decent job, if any at all. Most people that work decent jobs in Coventry, whether or not they are from Coventry, usually live just outside of the city such as bedworth, nuneaton, and meriden, and other Coventry fringe towns, (most likely to steer clear of the minorities and other foreigners that are rife in the city) but well within driving distance by car.

This is well known now that white flight has been in full swing in Coventry for many years now and with this transient trend makes it even harder for the usual applicant to get a decent job as these are now reserved for the ‘beleaguered, overrun upper class’ of Coventry aka white flighters, courtesy of labour socialist unions and other favour for a favour opportunists. Any chance of getting a job in Coventry is usually made by giving up and settling for the ‘jobs no one else wants to do’, ending up working dead end jobs down sorting warehouses and packing plants.

Pay is low and a day’s wage is the equivalent of a bus ticket there and back, making it completely pointless. It’s well advice to stay away from Coventry when looking for work unless you are knee deep in friends who are lucky enough to have jobs there already or personally know the managers, otherwise you will be punching smoke.

Entertainment – When thinking of a best time to enjoy yourself in the city, the first things that might come to your mind are pubs and clubs, but nope, they’ve shut all those down. There is one main pub in the city centre not far from the transport museum, but unless you want to risk getting stabbed by the usual louters on a Friday night, it’s wise to avoid. The next super attraction is the skydome, a place where you can contract an std from riding the escalator, a place where the overpowering smell of stale urine and **** is overwhelming.

Making for a quick exit, you will find yourself in front of the 10 years new Ikea, which is probably not the place where you would want to spend a blind date, but navigating the labyrinth of the interior would probably inspire you to try your hand at superman off the 5th floor.

Social – Coventry is probably one of the least social places in the country due to the total lack of empathy and the everlasting hostility to the ‘dreaded’ outsider. This is not to indifferent, it is well known to all that Coventry is the place of ostracisation, hence to the sent there is to be screwed for life.

Understandably, the ostrasation in coventry comes from a detest or fear of the different, which in any case comes from coventrys over reliance of in-group thinking and its hyper-collectivist/tribal thinking in both education and in the workplace, and this is indeed what Coventry is, since there is a very persuasive air of segregation in Coventry, which doesn’t at first seem apparent, only when you realise the staring is worse than in the Cotswolds, you realize what you are working with.

Totally not a friendly place, Coventry is a place where a passer-by is most likely to greet you by spitting at the floor, than with a smile or handshake, why this is no one knows, the unfriendliness most likely ties into coventrys ostracisation image. If you are looking for a place to socialise and make new friends, then Coventry may not be for you, time and time again people have to retreat to London as Coventry isn’t too friendly to foreigners especially since alot of the ‘beleaguered flighters’ that work in coventry had moved from there in the first place, so when out and about expect some level of resentment or hostility.

Its best to avoid Coventry the only thing that it is known for is ostracisation, easier benefits due to coventrys transient population (carrot and stick), a 3 floor primark, and it’s easy escape routes.

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