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Where do I start. That’s hard. Coventry has the potential to be a nice town, apart from the pathetic benefit seeking scum, druggys and chavs that ruin every corner in the town.

I’m fortunate to live in a decent area of this S***hole but it’s still not amazing. This city is meant to have ‘amazing culture’ as a travel website says bit the only culture I see here is chavs. Every morning I look out the windows to see a 60 year old over priced bright blue bus outside my window filled with the usual mix of chavs, fat teen mums in tracksuits and few old people. Later on that day I’m on that bus… The minute I arrive in coventry city Center is smells.

You get off the bus and step in last nights kebab before getting knifed in the stomach and having all your stuff stolen by people who wouldn’t even be worth putting in prison. The further you walk into the city Center the worse it is. Full of homeless scum and chavs trying to sell you drugs or mug you. It’s just a concrete prison for the scum of the country. But the Center isn’t the worst. Step on an over priced bus to Foleshill or Hillfields and it’s worse than being in Africa.

There is actually human waste in the streets and more takeaway shops than can even be used, most of them with a 1* hygiene rating. And coventry council being coventry council, decided to place their hospital right in the middle. Well… Between walsgrave and hillfields. I was unlucky enough to have to use this hospital this year.. TWENTY MINUTES for the ambulance to arrive, as soon as we arrived at the hospital A&E was full of drunks and a nice old woman. No other was to say it. I sat there for 8 hours before they finally saw me. The next day when I finally got out I noticed a big red ‘NO SMOKING’ sign, underneath it, the typical cov woman. Skinny with a drooping depressed face smoking dope.

Carrying on with the council… Well… Coventry council being coventry council have decided to move all the benefit seeking scum ‘all over the city’. Now my ‘nice’ area of the city is over run with 12 year olds smoking crack and chavs crashing their cars and killing innocent people. I could go on but their is really no reason, 90% of the people in this city as complete c***s… ‘7th worst city in the UK’ is an over rated title. 3 more months until I finally move to Australia… I feel sorry for the people stuck here.

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