Southam… probably one of the dullest towns around

Living in Southam, Warwickshire
Living in Southam, Warwickshire

Southam….probably one of the dullest towns around. Now home to just 4 pubs and a social club. The town is full of little ***** who hang around in groups trying to intimidate people but should be in bed by 7.

Southam is also home to a race track called the bypass where idiots ride up and down as speeds of nearly 150mph, which is incredible for the short amount of track.

No tramps in this town, but have been in the past. No police around here either, so if you are looking for anywhere to rob, it is probably the easiest place going.

How grim is your Postcode?

Southam news and views is on Facebook and is a home for the moaners of Southam. You also cannot park your car for more than five seconds on a yellow line otherwise you will find yourself on a group called Parking like a **** in Southam.

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