Rugby: Warehouse jobs and drugs a plenty

So where to begin …when you’d rather not? What’s not to like about Drugby?

Sandwiched between the post war mess that’s Coventry and Hell hole of Northampton. It’s an area sliding into decay. It’s unfair to point out the town centre which is held together by Charity shops and failing independent retailers as that is common in any town or city centre in the UK today. What does bear scrutiny is the massive retail park on the old Leicester Rd which having been set up in the last five years is already losing it’s flagship stores.

It’s a perfect starter patch for wanna be drug dealers as the Police station closes at 5PM leaving 8 officers to cover the entire district and four of those at any given time will slacking off at the local truck stop on the M1 or interfering with otherwise law abiding tax payers travelling down the M6 or A45.

How grim is your Postcode?

We are blessed though with conscientious traffic wardens who will happily ticket your car multiple times if you dare to leave it in one of the councils designated cash grab areas surrounding the town centre and railway station.

I lived (say lived as I’m moving) in the mysterious area known as the Crack Triangle: the diverse section of Rugby between Wood St, Oxford St and Railway Terrace where you can easily find your drug of choice or a Euromart happy to provide you with strong chemical flavoured lager for only a pound.

If in doubt about the availability of drugs in this area please do not hesitate to inquire of any of the numerous multilingual street drinkers or ask the twitchy looking people waiting to score on Pinders Lane. If in the highly unlikely event of no-one being available to assist with your purchase, please feel free to wander down Craven Road until you are assailed by one of the local fiends wrapped up like a Sherpa about to tackle Everest, even though it’s mid summer or you locate the rich aroma of the devil’s lettuce.

Some wag claiming to be a journalist recently touted a poll stating that in Warwickshire, one of the best places to live was in fact Rugby. While I don’t doubt his well meaning [allegedly] functionally alcoholic cheerleading for the region, you do have to ask difficult questions about how badly the rest of the county is doing.