Bingley – what’s going on?

Living in Bingley, West Yorkshire
Living in Bingley, West Yorkshire

Bingley – what’s going on?

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Bingley, Bingley , Bingley, for all of us living here and the surrounding area its a bit of an institution- self contained, charming little old market town right on the borders of the Dales. Friday nights too, legendary! people come from all over to cram into the many pubs, and maybe if there lucky they`ll get home without a glassing, shoeing or a good ruck outside the train station at hoofing out time competing for a taxi! Its been going on for years and famous for it.

Thats the good bits, there is an underbelly and it’s getting bigger and uglier!

Every day this pack of wild animals – proper nobodies too, absolutely pointless things descend, mainly from York street. (more on this place later!) and just loiter around, standard issue hoodies, trackies in socks, ***** sportswear, and whenever you see the same losers they are ALWAYS wearing exactly the same as the last time you saw them. Now all ***** are stupid but these things are uber thick, world class doilums! same sh*t different day and on the whole they want to let the entire town know about it- and don`t we just!

Here we go, York Street- the street brains forgot! Now don`t get me wrong I`m sure there are some decent people on here but i`d very much doubt they`d dare venture out after 4pm!

I used to pass though here up until this year (now i’d rather hit the lights!) and it just has to be seen to be appreciated, every ******* in Bingley MUST live here, the concentration is dense no matter what time of day, weather whatever they are there, proper divs kicking a ball (or substitute, chair, wheelie bin etc) up and down, off cars buses, whatever. If its cold, no problem, they all come out wearing their duvets- i kid you not.

Adults too same losers same place, the hardest people in their communal garden- legends, staring you out as you pass them, never from beyond the car park mind, all standard issue haircuts, vests and trackies smacking their missus and having various weekends away to the cells by way of a nice domestic assault- in fact there is reserved parking outside some of the houses for the police van.

It also has the standard issue alcoholic couple(s) 10 kids per family households etc, etc.

Shame really, blow up York Street, sort out Bingley- easy really

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