Bingley – what’s going on?

Living in Bingley, West Yorkshire

Bingley, Bingley , Bingley, for all of us living here and the surrounding area its a bit of an institution- self contained, charming little old market town right on the borders of the Dales. Friday nights too, legendary! people come from all over to cram into the many pubs, and maybe if there lucky they`ll […]

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Shipley, West Yorkshire – It’s just dire

Is Shipley a nice place to live

The Bradfordian author Robert Swindells once wrote a novel called ‘Brother in the Land’. Set in a post apocalyptic Shipley things looked pretty bleak. If you were to visit today you would be forgiven for thinking that this depressing tome is anything but a work of nonfiction. Shipley is a small nowhere town on the […]

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