Macclesfield: for a lass born and bred in Stockport, this place is odd

Living in Macclesfield, Cheshire

Before I **** Macc (as it’s known to the locals) let me add the plus points. Beautiful countryside, good enough shops, mostly (daytime) friendly people.

But then nighttime appears and Macclesfield turns into a town from the twilight zone. As a lass born and bred in Stockport (yeah, yeah I know, blame my parents) this place is odd. I have worked with the yoofs of Macclesfield and am therefore allowed to comment. Majority of the kids are good, bit ****** up, but all in all there is hope.

I think the closure of Parkside loony bin (no offence to loonies) contributed big time. I remember driving all the way to Macclesfield from Stockport just to ogle said lunatic asylum. Those were the days.

How grim is your Postcode?

They are wannabe *****, but doing a **** job of it. They have the obligatory Manc accent, rough council estates (yeah, whatever) and poverty. Unless you happen to have a good social worker. Have a glance at how estate agents sell Macclesfield and how they lie. Part of the job I guess.

Back to the loonies, lost the thread for a mo.

They have been released back into the community, oh bugger! And drugs were added. And then they bred! Oh ****.

Maybe it’s time I moved further afield.

But the bit I love best about Macclesfield is that we are so close to all the A-list footballers, Wayne Rooney etc. And they haven’t a clue about what’s just up the road from their safe little havens.

Can Macclesfield please be added to iLiveHere, we do have a Sport Direct and an Argos. Ok it’s not as hardcore as Hanley but Saturday nights in Macc are great fun, and we also have a bus station. Not that I as a mature woman have tried my luck. Taxis work much better for me x