Macclesfield: for a lass born and bred in Stockport, this place is odd

Living in Macclesfield, Cheshire
Living in Macclesfield, Cheshire

Macclesfield: for a lass born and bred in Stockport, this place is odd

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Before I slag Macc (as it’s known to the locals) let me add the plus points. Beautiful countryside, good enough shops, mostly (daytime) friendly people.

But then nighttime appears and Macclesfield turns into a town from the twilight zone. As a lass born and bred in Stockport (yeah, yeah I know, blame my parents) this place is odd. I have worked with the yoofs of Macclesfield and am therefore allowed to comment. Majority of the kids are good, bit fucked up, but all in all there is hope.

I think the closure of Parkside loony bin (no offence to loonies) contributed big time. I remember driving all the way to Macclesfield from Stockport just to ogle said lunatic asylum. Those were the days.

They are wannabe c***s, but doing a crap job of it. They have the obligatory Manc accent, rough council estates (yeah, whatever) and poverty. Unless you happen to have a good social worker. Have a glance at how estate agents sell Macclesfield and how they lie. Part of the job I guess.

Back to the loonies, lost the thread for a mo.

They have been released back into the community, oh bugger! And drugs were added. And then they bred! Oh s**t.

Maybe it’s time I moved further afield.

But the bit I love best about Macclesfield is that we are so close to all the A-list footballers, Wayne Rooney etc. And they haven’t a clue about what’s just up the road from their safe little havens.

Can Macclesfield please be added to iLiveHere, we do have a Sport Direct and an Argos. Ok it’s not as hardcore as Hanley but Saturday nights in Macc are great fun, and we also have a bus station. Not that I as a mature woman have tried my luck. Taxis work much better for me x

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