Oldham – Drugs, Grooming and early death

Living in Oldham, Greater Manchester

I am not going to say that this manky Northern tip is full of ***** as it isn’t. It is full of ******* aspiring to become *****, it is that far down the social spectrum. Where to start is the main problem.

Oldham was the richest town in the world at the height of the Industrial Revolution and even had a ‘cool period’ in the late eighties/early nineties with the local football club installed as one of the founders of the Premier League and the Inspiral Carpets belting out on the back of Madchester.
So fast forward 25 years and the first question you ask is ‘What the **** happened?’

Well the rabidly racists that live here would take you down the immigration route, let me tell you that is a load of ********. Most of the mouth breathers that have never worked a day in their lives are trash, with scuzzy malnourished offspring with a perennial runny nose and scabies.

Walking down the main street in the town centre during the day is dangerous at best, dodging the beggars and spice heads is an education in itself. The hatred for their own offspring by the bloated lycra wearing beauties is proof that the only reason they pop them out is for the ‘bennies’ that flood into their ****** Post Office accounts on a weekly basis. Standing outside Mickey D’s screaming at Kayden/Jayden/Letitia/Kylie to ‘finish your ******* nuggets you little sh*t’ is as common as they are.

It is all here, money laundering enterprises disguised as vape shops and shisha bars, kebab vans that scream Ebola and more charity shops than people working are proof that human life is coming to an end.

Walking down the main street at night is certain death unless you have air support, drugs are not the problem here, the problem is avoiding them. Groups of would be groomers, dealers, **** chicken houses and the obligatory cheap boozers are here in all their glory and business is booming.

It’s a Perfect storm. Poverty check, ********** check, racial tension check, piss poor schools check, the Council is [allegedly] run by a 12 year old boy (Google Head of Oldham Council), this town is finished and will never recover.

Never ever come here, it is without doubt the second worst place in the world outside of Rochdale and don’t get me started on that hovel.

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