Living in Leicester, The Cheater's Haven
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Well as a place to live Leicester has a lot to offer. An incredible football team, great shopping and pretty good nightlife, but if you are unfortunate enough to be married to or dating a man from Leicester then the chances that he is not cheating on you are very slim. Ladies (and probably men too) of Leicester I have seen your man online dating looking for fun, excitement, a relationship … yes can you believe it, looking for a ‘relationship’ even though they aren’t single, but claiming to be. Leicester appears to be rife with men looking to cheat on their partners. They must be putting something in the water around these parts because I have never seen a dating site, and I’m on a few, so full of men from Leicester wanting to cheat. I signed up out of curiosity and found my man on there and seen a few familiar faces too.

If you think your man is cheating he probs is, and he’s probably on one of these ‘No strings dating” websites advertising himself as being single. I recommend if you’re suspicious join a few like I did you’re bound to find your man.

Leicester is a beautiful city spoilt by the dirty men that live in it.

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