Hamilton the so called posh area of Leicester

Living in Hamilton, Leicester, Leicestershire

Hamilton so called posh area of leicester where if you are anything below middle class you are looked down upon like the inferior **** that you are. Everyone round here owns their own home don’t you know! Not. Also estate to some of THE worst drivers in leicester, for instance take a wander near the local primary schools during home time and you risk a trip to the local a&e it is madness. Cars are gridlocked, people are swearing and pavements are chock a block with bmw and mercedes drivers all refusing to give you the basic right to a footpath.

Tesco in the evening is a sight to behold. Watch as the hoards menacingly loiter in the aisles for that magical moment when the reduced stock come out… Have you ever seen a piranha frenzy? well this is worse! Kids are slammed into cages of stock items are literally ripped out of the hands of the poor staff before it even hits the fridges. They have their kids, brothers, mothers all poised ready to grab handfuls woe betide anybody who gets in their way.

The back of the shops on Sandhills Avenue is a yardie hangout with the stench of grade A weed wafting around. It’s no wonder Sainsbury’s do so well. People are getting the munchies just walking to the shops. Don’t get me started on the majority of parents round here who think their darling delinquents are angels and can do no wrong, if you dare to darken their doorstep to inform them of their cherubs antics you are met with cries of no not my little darling how dare you insinuate such a thing. All while the child grins behind their parents knowing full well they can get away with anything.

How grim is your Postcode?

The local secondary school is [allegedly] rife with bullying and has [allegedly] changed names more times than you have had hot dinners in a bid to rid itself of the awful reputation it has (you can’t polish a ****). All in all hamilton residents would have you believe they are the upper crust of society, but really they are just as common as the rest of us, just in a better car.