Living in Sileby, Leicestershire
Written by Anonymous Visitor and posted in East Midlands, Leicestershire

Sileby has gone from an ugly village to a messed up and chavvy transit town but frankly, we’re discussing the typical East Midlands character and the effects of the last ten years on this country. Deprivation and class division have always been the British way.

You think we have it bad here in Sileby. I grew up here in the 1960s and 1970’s; went to the old Primary School on Barrow Rd (Miss Cr*ss, my god). Went to the Junior School on King Street; to Humphrey Perkins, and Quorn. Compared to today’s snowflake generation and Libtards: it was a bullying hell, all the way, and life was hard.

The things that stick in the mind are the floods year after year and nobody ever thought to solve them. Or the Rose Queen Garden parties at the Vicarage; Sileby Parade and Gala with Len Fairclough from Coronation Street: he must have felt at home. Weddings at the church, and bells. Herds of cows running down King Street, and all the drunks falling out of Sileby’s social clubs and numerous pubs. Most of all I remember living poor on a deprived council estate, but your modern chavs, smackheads, and criminals weren’t a problem then.

Sileby looked very different, 50, 40 or 30 years ago. And it was also a proper community of local generations. Since then the town has suffered under the changes during the reckless Labour Government and Tory austerity policies. Redevelopment began to destroy Sileby ten years ago.

But Sileby’s chavs, bullying teachers, pederasts and thugs were operating fifty years ago. No names, no pack drill. They are old and weak now, we still see them around. And one wonders what they and those who know them will be thinking, as they read this.

Kids were being murdered in the county or abused in this village, fifty years ago, and thugs will be thugs. I have fond childhood memories of Sileby and also bad memories, but it certainly hasn’t changed that much. I would never go back and neither should anyone who grew up there and left for a better life. And not just because greedy developers and planners have destroyed it beyond recognition and all sense, I should have left this dump many years ago.

  • Ian th3_r0ck3r

    Well that was a long story so I wonder if this person doesn’t like Sileby 😉 The first four paragraphs aren’t far off the mark – actually. We were never a pretty town and it’s certainly changed considerably over the past 15 years. Society, traffic, populations, and manufacturing have all changed. Don’t know about the “pederasts” though there was that Savile era with some pretty pisspoor attitudes to propriety. I can recall a few dodgy people here. Apart from that, nothing ever stays the same and times change. That doesn’t mean we’ve progressed though. +Anarchy Commie troll yes they had a rant up there but wtf are you on mate? You make no sense. Proper reactionary commie bollix there, have you listened to Trevor Phillips recently?

  • Anarchy Commie troll

    I was amazed that you got through that whole bitter nostalgic rant without mentioning immigrants, given your obvious right-wing kipppertard leanings. This is what happens when you are over 50, have an IQ hovering around the 100 mark and your reality is not shaped by what is actually happening in such communities, but by the Daily Express and Breitbart News.

    It is quite bizarre how people like yourself have this preoccupation with paedophilia. I can understand it maybe if you yourself have been a victim of abuse, but to turn your own individualist army-of-one non-snowflake logic against you, man up and get over it or if you haven’t, hmmm, maybe stop obsessing about it and see it for what it is, a hideous crime, yet it does not pervade a whole town!

    I know it is also a characteristic of the ageing kippertard to long for a time that has gone and think that somehow, lord knows how, rampant laissez faire capitalism in the form of a libertarian right-wing government will deliver this 50’s/60’s brexit utopia derived from ITV3 and nostalgic images on old biscuit tins. No town is like it was 30, definitely 40 and almost certainly 50 years ago and here’s the kicker, your politics, if let loose on such communities would have the 1% rape it and change it beyond all recognition in a generation.