Markfield: Christ, this place is awful!

Living in Markfield, Leicestershire

Perched just off junction 22 of the M1 is the village of Markfield… well when I say village it is actually a giant housing estate with an older centre.

On the plus side you have open fields and pleasant walks around the area and of course panoramic views of the M1 for those wishing to know if traffic is at a standstill. In general Markfield visually isn’t the worst place to be, but when it comes to the inhabitants things do head south quickly.

Now if you are considering moving the this delightful place I would suggest you move on to the estates as normality, politeness and friendly faces seem to be more rife there (please avoid the new one off London Road though unless you like dole dossers and Police vans)! If you are brave enough to move to the village you will be treated like you have just arrived from another planet. Unless you were born in this hole or have a friend who was related to a quarry worker don’t expect to be welcomed.

How grim is your Postcode?

Markfield folk are quite openly some of the most miserable, anti-social people that you will ever meet. You can walk down the street and say hello to villagers and they will completely blank you yet when they find one of their own they won’t stop talking.

The local **** kids generally have nothing to do so take great pleasure in smashing bottles and torching the local nature reserve for entertainment. The other thing you will notice about Markfield is that there is dog Sh*t everywhere. The pathway between Main Street and Hillside is a magnet for ***** and you are well advised to avoid at night unless you want a brown carpet.

Markfield is also a boy racer stronghold with various levels of pimped up cars flying around the village as well other locals who still believe that sticking a giant exhaust on a wreck of a car and driving like a tw*t is still in fashion.

This place should be issued with a government health warning!