Hastings: Rundown arcades and deprivation

Living in Hastings, East Sussex
Living in Hastings, East Sussex

Let me take you on a guided tour of Hastings, we’ll start from the train station:

Hastings station has recently been rebuilt from a shabby, run down, horror of a building. Into a super ‘high tech’ glass structure. Not certain why the building needs to be so huge. Alighting from the train one can see several groups of ne’er-do-wells on the platform. They’re not travelling anywhere, they can’t afford to pay, and if they ventured forth from Hastings town centre they might find a real world beyond little enclave.

Upon exiting the train station and travelling down the Station approach one can encounter a shoplifter scarpering away from the shopping centre. On passing them one can also expect a few passing comments of ‘Goff’ or ‘loser’ This, of course, is no insult.

How grim is your Postcode?

Once the end of the road one comes to a cross road, this is a popular point for so called ‘Drag racing’ where the inhabitants risk their lives by speeding through the red lights and almost crashing their ‘Hot Ride’ But let us take a moment to think, if they did crash, would it be a great loss?

=Opposite one can observe a closed down building, this was once the best pub in town but was shut down due to fighting. (i.e. One man against thirty)

As one approaches the shopping centre, one can see an example of how bad Hastings is, the shopping centre is partially open air and the middle is lined with benches to rest upon. These are over run with ne’er-do-wells. A group of forty or so can be seen sharing one can of stolen cider, and one packet of ten cigarettes. (Yeah mate, cider is bangin’) These comments can always be heard.

Moving on from the Shopping centre. One arrives at one of the inhabitants favourite places, McDonalds. As you well know, ne’er-do-wells can be watched, eating, drinking, ******* around and sometimes, can even be seen WORKING in McDonalds. Shock Horror!!!! The money they earn will evidently be spent on Cider and ****.

Moving on towards the Old Town along the sea front, a stream of Arcades can be seen. Ne’er-do-wells spend long hours in these areas. Drawn in by the pretty flashing lights and wonderful music. They can be seen playing on the nudge machines, feeding it with up to fifteen pounds then thinking it an achievement when they win three pounds.

If one returns back to the town centre and crosses the ‘Sacred road’ one becomes aware of the obvious partition between normal people and ne’er-do-wells. On one side we have a sea of burberry baseball caps. On the other side a sea of colour and not a speck of Burberry in sight. On this side of the road there was a night club (The Crypt) which has never heard or seen the likes of an R’n’B CD or and kind of ‘Garage’ Music. Only live bands such as Rooster and The Heaters ever come to this establishment, Eletric Six has even played here.

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