Living in Forest Row, East Sussex

The sting in the wonder tale of Forest Row in Sussex

There's a population in this Forest Row - small but vociferous (kind of terrier-like) opinionated, arrogant, smug - that needs to be avoided at all cost.

Living in Hailsham, East Sussex

Hailsham… Town of the ‘wannabe’

Towns near Hailsham are similar. The people don't know how lucky they are to have grown up in an area with no guns and clean air.

Living in St Leonards on sea, East Sussex

St Leonards on sea is the place to be… for hipster’s parents!

Once the asset location of slumlords, St Leonards on sea is now the (2nd) home of an equally odious breed of parasite, the hipster's parents.

Living in Crowhurst, East Sussex

Crowhurst: Why you SHOULDN’T live here

Crowhurst is basically one big field, there is approximately 0 post offices, 0 shops, 0 restaurants, 1 s**tty pub and 0 entertainment.

Living in Eastbourne

Eastbourne: God is ignoring this waiting room…

Eastbourne, Eastbourne...where to start? Stinky, skanky, utterly without charm. No good shops and a disproportionately high numbers of OAPs.