Worst places to live in Nottinghamshire

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  1. Living in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

    Nottingham, A dirty place full of people who can’t speak properly

  2. Living in Eakring, Nottinghamshire

    Eakring: not the end of the earth but you sure can see it from there

  3. Living in Newark-on-Trent

    Newark-on-Trent, what is there to be proud of?

  4. Living in Sutton-in-Ashfield

    Sutton-in-Ashfield: avoid eye contact and you’ll be just fine

  5. Living in Ollerton, Nottinghamshire

    Ollerton: the most boring place to live

  6. Living in Sneinton, Nottingham

    Sneinton, Nottingham, do not come here for peace

  7. Living in Bulwell, Nottinghamshire

    Bulwell: If crippling depression could build a town.

  8. Living in Brinsley

    Brinsley, a former mining community tinged with just a hint of racism

  9. Living in Selston

    Selston where everyone feels like family, because they are!

  10. Underwood…   we have a school a church one shop and two pubs

    Underwood… we have a school a church one shop and two pubs

  11. Living in Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire

    Kirkby-in-Ashfield: Another Slowly Dying Ex-Mining Town With Nothing There.

  12. Living in Nottingham

    Nottingham? It should be called Shottingham.