Sneinton, Nottingham, do not come here for peace

Living in Sneinton, Nottingham

A very mixed community, which somehow also makes it fragmented.. The 50% Pakistani community keep to themselves, the Roma ******* have their own “welfare rights” day once a week at the Sneinton Library.. There is also a contingent of dreadlocked “New Age” type individuals. And Street Drinkers are quite common also, with there being at least 2 known hostels in the Sneinton area.

Also I agree with a previous poster about Nottingham, who said only the foreigners get any attention from the council, and services in general…The facilities put on for the indigenous British are non existent. In all the community centres there are “sewing classes”, “English as a second language classes” and naff all for anybody else.

Some sectors of the community take no pride in their environment, and litter dropping, and fly tipping is rife, despite Nottingham being, I believe, the only council in the country who will take larger unwanted goods away for FREE. Plus points there are places to walk, such as Greens Windmill, (the only working Inner City windmill in the country), Sneinton Greenway, which is an old railway line made available for cycling and walking. However some dog owners do not clean up after their dogs, and this is annoying and unpleasant.

How grim is your Postcode?

House prices are static at best, and possibly on the down, after a recent none fatal shooting, in a wooded area off Colwick Road and Sneinton Boulevard. If you have any extraneous stuff you no longer require, put it outside, it is gone in 5 minutes, always!!

I would say Nottingham people are moderately friendly, having been someone who has lived in many places. Do not come here for peace, if you are not harassed by virtually constant car and house alarms, which the owners are known to leave going for 2 days and nights! Then the weekend is frequently punctuated with the low hovering of the police helicopter.

Book at least 4 weeks in advance just in case you are ill, as it takes this long to get a Doctor or Nurse appointment ! It really is true that you don’t know any place until you actually come to live there…